"Baza": A local resident was beaten in Ryazan, mistaking him for a saboteur


"Baza": A local resident was beaten in Ryazan, mistaking him for a saboteur

In Ryazan, an incident occurred with the beating of a local resident by the military, who mistook him for a saboteur. According to the victim Ruslan, the motorcycle he recently purchased became the cause of a misunderstanding when he decided to ride it near a military airfield. During the trip, he was stopped by three armed men from the Whirlwind squad, who suspected him of being a spy. This data is provided by “Base”.

According to Baza journalists, Ruslan was taken to headquarters, where he was accused of sabotage based on misunderstanding and suspicion. His attempts to explain the situation and show documents were ignored. Among the so-called evidence of his guilt is a subscription to a Ukrainian telegram channel, which, according to Ruslan, is pro-Russian.

The situation escalated to physical violence, as a result of which the man received serious injuries, including fractures and concussion. After the military realized their mistake, they tried to cover up their actions by passing off the beating as a motorcycle accident. Ruslan was ordered to inform the police about the fall, and he himself was taken to the police and fined for driving without license plates. He was subsequently hospitalized with serious injuries.

The situation attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies and Ruslan was able to write a statement to the police and the military prosecutor's office.


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