The flight of two American helicopters from the Russian military in Syria hit the video

An American attack helicopter flew a dangerous distance to the Russian military.

Two American AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were able to get close to a Russian military base in northern Syria. The purpose of the flight of the attack rotorcraft remains unknown, however, the Russian military was able to drive away the intruders, apparently using their air defense means to demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions.

In the video footage presented, you can see how one of the attack helicopters hovered over the area of ​​the city of Tel Tamer, apparently monitoring the situation, however, after some time, the helicopter crew rapidly changes direction of flight, and later the second combat vehicle rushes after it ... There are no official comments on what this is connected with, however, given the fact that there are Russian military and air defense systems in the area, it is logical to assume that the situation was rather urgent.

“Probably we should proceed from the fact that the Americans were very frightened by something. It could be a radio warning, or it could be the activation of air defense systems with guidance to helicopters. Considering that there are Russian military personnel in this area, it is logical to assume that it was they who conveyed "hello" to the Americans. ", - the expert marks.

The appearance of American combat helicopters over Tel Tamer was not commented on by the American side.

What are YOU again? Just a helicopter flight, nothing special.

Dear bloggers, give our military men normal smartphones with 4K, so that we can see the side numbers of hooligan helicopters, etc.