Netanyahu's escape during the rocket attack on Israel hit the video

The terrible prime minister of Israel was the first to rush to evacuate at rocket fire.

A few hours ago, the Hamas group, against the backdrop of a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about his readiness to occupy the territory of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, launched at least five missiles in Israel. Despite Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement on the high effectiveness of missile defense systems, he was the first to rush out of the building where he gave a speech.

In the presented video, you can see that people from Netanyahu’s entourage urgently remove the Israeli Prime Minister from the rostrum, while nothing was reported to other citizens about rocket fire.

Benjamin Netanyahu's flight immediately provoked ridicule in the Arab world.

“Run Bibi (nickname Netanyahu - approx. Ed.)! "We hope that the rockets will fall on you as soon as you leave the building!"

“The brave defender is the first to run to evacuate”

“Rodents are the first to leave a sinking ship”

It is known that Israeli missile defense systems shot down at least two missiles, but there is currently no exact information from the IDF.


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