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Belavia offers its customers air tickets on credit

Belarusian Airlines "Belavia"Offers its passengers to buy air tickets on credit.

According to the information provided by the news portal, it is possible to use the new service of the Belarusian air carrier directly through the Internet site, however, based on the opinions of experts, it is to be assumed that it is unlikely that passengers will want to significantly overpay for flights on aircraft.

Air tickets on credit are issued at a fixed rate of 42% per annum, with a maximum loan period of 36 months. It is assumed that the creation of a new service for passengers is associated with a decrease in the number of clients of the Belarusian air carrier, but given the very unstable economic situation in the country, it is worth assuming that in the course of the year several people will take advantage of this service at best.

The very same ticket on credit can be issued according to the representatives of "Belavia" for only 15 minutes.


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