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Belgium angry with Russia because of the evidence of air strikes against peaceful Syrian citizens

Belgian Foreign Minister angry with Russia because of allegations of air strikes on civilians in Syria.

According to the news, on the eve of the day the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs protested in fact received from the Russian accusations of strikes on civilians in Syria. In turn, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium refused to receive any conclusive evidence that airstrikes in Syria were caused precisely by the Belgian Air Force, which is why it is logical to assume that the country's authorities are aware of the incident cases, moreover, is supposed to be far from the only.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that after the recent accusations against Russia in air strikes at civilian targets, the Russian military began to fully control the air space of the country to obtain complete information on all flights of aircraft.

What truth was so hot, gentlemen evrodemokraty? It was great to denounce Russia, not having a single piece of evidence, and then here you are, all data on the aircraft from A to Z, plus a US air refueling tankers, which can not erase from history.

Frightened, suddenly embittered Belgium attack Russia.

Shoot down the right.