Belarus agreed with the US Department of Defense to do without Russia

The US and Belorussian Defense Ministries agreed to do without Russia.

Representatives of the defense departments of the United States of America and Belarus held a contact meeting, during which the issue of the military presence of NATO forces at the borders of Belarus was discussed. According to sources, during the meeting the question of de-escalation of situations regarding the deployment of a foreign military contingent near the western borders of Belarus was most actively discussed, in connection with which, representatives of Washington reached an agreement with Minsk on maintaining regular contacts, but at the same time dissuaded the country from deploying Russian military and bases.

Earlier, Minsk expressed serious concern about the presence of NATO at the borders of Belarus, while, according to media reports, Alexander Lukashenko promised to give a tough response to NATO, including by involving the Russian side in resolving the situation. Nevertheless, taking into account the source’s information, the agreements reached will allow Minsk to refuse to deploy Russian military equipment and contingents on its territory, which, by the way, also means that Minsk has a much greater confidence in the representatives of the North Atlantic alliance than in the Russian military.

Experts do not exclude that in the future, Belarus in general may deprive Russia of the right to deploy military bases on its territory, especially given the fact that agreements on these issues will expire in the coming years.

I don’t believe. It’s like Lukashenko is not a stupid person to make a deal with the USA.

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