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Belarus spite Russia began the first dialogue with NATO in 27 years

Minsk sent a direct signal to Russia - both you to us and we to you.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus has announced the first high-level dialogue in the last 27 years with representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance. According to experts, in this way Minsk reminds Russia that it is always ready to start dialogue with the opposite side if Moscow does not behave as a reliable ally.

“The interlocutors noted a gradual tendency to improve relations between Belarus and NATO, discussed issues of developing cooperation between Belarus and its NATO member countries and partners in various fields, including in the fight against new challenges and threats, including terrorism. A. Dapkyunas emphasized the readiness of the Belarusian side for a constructive dialogue and cooperation with NATO on a mutually respectful and equal basis ”, - said on the official resource of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

According to experts, NATO is much more interested in good relations with Belarus, since this will prevent the appearance of Russian military bases and weapons on the territory of Belarus.

“Despite the relatively small size of the territory of Belarus, the latter gives Moscow almost 30-40 minutes to make strategically important decisions. Should I recall that from the Belarusian borders to Moscow there are only 400 kilometers? ”, - the analyst notes.

What not to do for the power. After all, Lukshenko has elections in the 2020 year.

And how many kilometers from the borders of Russia to Minsk did the analyst not count? It would be necessary to calculate, along with the Old Man, and then flirt with NATO.