Belarus blamed Russia for a new incident on the border. Video

Belarus has accused Russia of new provocations on the border, threatening with symmetrical measures.

A few hours ago, neighboring Belarus accused Russia of new provocations and an incident on the Belarusian-Russian border, announcing that it was ready to take tough and symmetrical measures. So, according to the data of the Belarusian side, contrary to the agreements on an open border between the two states, the Russian side arbitrarily set up a checkpoint and surrounded the territory with barbed wire without the consent of Minsk.

“The Russian side has just actually closed the border on the M1 highway. Additional forces of the FSB border service have been pulled together. Huge queues to leave the Russian Federation. Belarusians are not allowed to return home. Require registration. They draw up in office number 4, - wrote on his Facebook page Yuri Voskresensky. - They enter data into a computer and for some reason write down a mobile phone. Then they let it go. People stand in line, scandal, the situation is heating up. The answer to all questions is: “Call Lubyanka”. According to the man, he crossed the Russian border on foot in the Krasnaya Gorka area. It was around 12:00. Just at the moment when everyone began to check. In fact, he was one of the first. - Just at that time, three FSB cars arrived at the border. I just managed to photograph them, - said Yuri. “They brought a roll of barbed wire with them, I didn’t have time to photograph it”, - about it сообщает Belarusian edition "Ex-Press".

As noted by the Belarusian side, this is the second case when Russia closes the common border between the two countries without the consent of Minsk, which may entail tough symmetric measures.

The key reason for this was, obviously, the detention on the territory of Belarus of more than thirty citizens of the Russian Federation, who are suspected of extremism, which is denied by the Russian side, however, apparently, Minsk decided to further exacerbate relations between the two countries.

I left the Republic of Belarus in May and also wrote down my passport data and phone number. So that I supposedly passed those for the virus. But I didn’t take the test and instead asked how I felt.
Before that, at the border, I asked the border guard to be sure to take it. He said that depending on the region. Where they call and somewhere they take a test.

Better to be alone and rely on yourself than to rely on traitors and get a knife in the back.

The difference is that the West has been allocating budgets "for supporting democracy" for decades and is doing very consistent and thoughtful work. And the USSR and then the Russian Federation does not indulge in this - textbooks are not rewritten to anyone, NGOs do not contain. Here is the result. Young people are easily amenable to campaigning.

If Russia is so bad, why are you coming here to work ...

It's a shame! This is most likely the Russian government is taking revenge, for the Victory Parade, which Lukashenka held, for not submitting to the general psychosis over a pseudo pandemic, and not only that, Lukashenka became much more popular in Russia than Putin! So Putin lackeys like Solovyov, etc., are angry, spitting saliva, from impotence, to do something with the popularity of Old Man Lukashenko!

And what, you need to keep everyone for free, so that they are loyal, you also need to support your own, otherwise it will not be up to the neighbors

well, it will remain ... China alone and nothing ... lives ... it is better to be alone than to warm a snake at the chest ...

No, Russia has only 3 allies, aviation, army and navy.

"Also, pull guns and tanks to the border. And about the Russian military, with a very dark past, and with poor logistics of their command to transfer through Belarus on the eve of the elections, this is still a comedy." It is your collective farmer who breaks the comedy, deciding to score points in the face of non-existent external aggression. And he does not do it from a great mind. Usually such figures who start such games end up very badly. And, if you don't know, these are not the Russian military, but mercenaries who flew through Belarus on a regular charter to their place of work, tk. direct flights were closed due to covid. And what kind of past they have there, dark or light, should not worry anyone, because they flew legally and did not violate anything. On the eve of the elections, they flew, well, must. Ridiculously simple.

And Russia should have two allies - the army and the navy

Probably Russia will like it when NATO troops will stand at the borders along the entire perimeter, like in 1918 the Entente countries. They do not draw any conclusions, not to somehow rally with the former republics of the Soviet Union. And therefore, it is necessary to change the policy not only with distant foreign countries, Syria, Iran, etc., Africans and others could write off debts, but those that are not nearby. The reason must be sought not only in them, but also in oneself. So the West and America finds loopholes, how to win over to their side, but we do not. And we transfer all the money to offshore, we have no time for that. We will invest money in a new way in the arms race until we empty ourselves again.

Belarus threatens with tough retaliatory measures? And they did not think that these actions are Russia's response measures.

You were not asked! In the world from its foundation, there are sheep and there are shepherds. This also applies to states. Today there are the USA, Russia and China, these are the shepherds, the rest are sheep!

In Russia, documents are checked as expected, but they are not arrested as in Belarus!

How much smuggling, weapons and drugs go from Russia to little Belarus, you would be silent. And with all this, neither the borders were closed, nor the border guards were placed, nor were they fenced off from anyone. And huge Russia is afraid of small Belarus, it's ridiculous. Pull more cannons and tanks to the border. And about the Russian military, with a very dark past, and with poor logistics of their command to transfer through Belarus on the eve of the elections, this is still a comedy. And rightly so, any possible and impossible attempts of illegal destabilization must be suppressed. And about building on your own territory, yes, you can. But in accordance with the Treaty on the Union State, all actions on the border and border area must be coordinated before construction!

"As I understand it ..." And you, of course, are sure that you UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING in full accordance with the truth? Well, then everything is not so bad with you. Since there is still an opportunity to learn this truth. It is worse if you understand EVERYTHING perfectly, but drive the "comments" you need (not necessarily to you) on a commercial basis ...

rightly say thank you to your dad. it's okay to let out from the territory of russia and how will you enter russia to work. here is the problem

And the detained citizens of Russia, not ordinary people? So any lawlessness can be justified.

They are checking carefully so that again "militants" do not penetrate into the Republic of Belarus!

As far as I understand .. Russia is allowed everything and everywhere .. But isn't it a lot she takes on that? .. Where you don't look everywhere is the trace of Russia .. Maybe enough to conduct and deal with your internal problems .. If this continues Russia will be left all alone. .Why are all bad ... and Russia is good) .. Or maybe vice versa?)

the Belarusian economy needs more help, so they will puff

That's right, it's high time to take tough measures with Belarus (no good is expected from good). For the taking of Russian citizens hostage to respond in kind and harsher.

We also catch Belarusians who want to overthrow Putin! Well, what! We have the right!

And what was dad waiting for, what would he lower gas prices?

Lukashenka is doing everything right, well done!

And that this strategist wanted him to spit in his face and smile at him and pretend that nothing was happening. Meanness and betrayal must be punished.

They have fast perishable food in their wagons, so they are out of luck.

And maybe, as amers, to appoint a new president. It looks like Putin has not decided, but maybe vice versa, that is why Lukashenka is "going on".

What observance of the procedure. Two brothers. Ride all over Europe in more than one post you will not even be stopped, even in non-EU countries. Simple people have something to do with it.

Everything is 100% correct ... we are right.

I liked the remark about
of how friendly people deal with their neighbors. Why don't the neighbors want to remember what they are doing and how their leadership is acting with Russia? No enemy of Russia allows such a number of insults and provocations against the Russian Federation. It is necessary to turn to yourself before blaming someone.

Anti-Russian rhetoric became the basis of Lukashenko's campaign speeches, the cherry on the cake is the detention of 33 Russian citizens. And they want something to be agreed with them? Do you really hope that you won't have to answer for all this?

Would you like all sorts of terror to freely enter Russia?

Well, who will be worse from this "butting"? In my opinion Belarus is more dependent on Russia. Well, Russia won't get Belarusian mussels, Belarusian bananas and tangerines - we'll survive somehow ...

And what was Lukashenka counting on when he muddied this performance with the detention? Was he expecting that they would clap him? So they clap at the border.

That's right, you need to check those entering. Better yet, introduce visas for all these former brothers.

Do we keep barking at the elephant?

Well, nothing good will come of it. Russia has made a traffic jam at the entrance, then Belarus will make the same traffic jam. So we will butt as two rams.

Well, the Belarusian leadership is behaving inappropriately. There is a suspicion of rabies. So they check everyone.

Nobody closed the border, nobody requires a visa. And we can check on our territory anyone and as much as we like. Moreover, Belarus is a smuggler country. Well, we also have the right to build on our territory anything and anywhere. The child who had eaten up on gingerbread still did not learn to behave. Dad took out the rods.

Well let them take a chance

It seems that Russia simply began to observe the border crossing procedure, with the entry of passport data into the computer memory. This procedure is mandatory at all border points around the world .. why are Belarusians indignant? ))))

Thank you dad, all the problems our peoples have because of what.