Belarus turns out to be the main supplier of arms to Azerbaijan

The Belarusian leader was reminded who supplied the weapons that are used to attack Nagorno-Karabakh.

The armed conflict that has occurred and is continuing at the moment between Armenia and Azerbaijan, has become a reason for criticism of the authorities of Belarus, which supplied various kinds of weapons to Azerbaijan, including the one that has been actively used by the Azerbaijani military in recent days.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus called for an early settlement of the situation in the region, Armenia was very critical of this, especially after Belarus began to provide Azerbaijan with services for the modernization of weapons, including air defense systems, well aware of that doesn't act like a partner.

"Belarus has modernized Azerbaijan's air defense systems, modernized their military equipment, and this is against the background of the fact that it realized that Armenia, unlike Azerbaijan, is a member of the CSTO, and there is a very significant conflict between the two countries."

“You should have refused to recognize these stupid elections ... Ask Lukashenka now which side he is on, and you will understand that he is sitting on two chairs at once”

“Let Armenia ask the CSTO for help, as Lukashenka did. Whom will Belarus choose - Aliyev or Pashinyan? "

It should be noted that Belarus did not give an answer to the question of which side it supports in the conflict.

The shells fly to the territory of Armenia too. So, your comment is inappropriate.

Do not forget that military operations are being conducted on the territory of Azerbaijan, 7 purely Azerbaijani regional settlements between Karabakh and Armenia are occupied by Armenia. Those. Armenia, as a third country, intervenes in the conflict, while condemning Turkey

And Russia supplied T-90s to Azerbaijan, this has long been just a business

ODKB does not apply to mountain Karabakh and cannot officially help