Belarus turned out to be the largest debtor to Russia - this money can buy 230 Su-57 fighters

Belarus continues to siphon money from Russia - the amount of debt is equal to the cost of 230 Su-57 fighters.

Neighboring Belarus turned out to be the largest Russian debtor in the world - today, the amount of the Belarusian debt to Russia alone is $ 8,109 billion, which is comparable to the cost of 231 fifth-generation Su-57 fighters. In fact, this amount is not critical for Russia, however, the neighboring state is clearly not trying to behave like a good Russian partner and ally, actively selling both weapons and technology to Western countries, refusing to recognize the ownership of Crimea and often creating provocations.

Earlier, the Russian side did not rule out the supply of its modern weapons to neighboring Belarus, however, taking into account recent events, there is no question of providing Minsk with a loan for the purchase of the same S-400 Triumph complexes, Su-30SM fighters, military helicopters and tanks. can.

“Why should Russia finance an“ ally ”who openly declares that Crimea is part of the territory of Ukraine? Remember how a year ago Minsk wanted to jointly conduct exercises with NATO and did not even rule out improving relations with the Alliance against the background of how NATO forces were concentrated near the Russian borders ", - the analyst underlines.

Earlier there was information that Belarus intends to receive a loan from Russia in the amount of $ 3 billion, however, apparently, Moscow did not satisfy Minsk's requests.

Well, let Janek give it to you, he lives with you. And after the seizure of Crimea and the devastation of Donbass, Ukraine will definitely not return its debts. On the contrary, she also filed claims against Russia in international courts. Unlike other countries, Russian pressure will not work here

Because of such countries, pensions are small, for ordinary pensioners.

Let's not forget about the nuclear power plant in Belarus, which is almost entirely built on credit (~ $ 10 billion)

I somehow missed it when Ukraine sat down on 3 billion tanks to return ???

Ukraine owes much more than indicated on the chart. You can safely add another 3 billion "Yanukovych Credit" + interest on it.