Belarus shrugged off Russian aid in the fight against coronavirus

Belarus dismissed Russia and began to ask for help from Europe.

According to Russian news agencies, without waiting for any significant assistance from Russia to combat coronavirus infection, Belarus was forced to apply to Europe with a corresponding request. European leaders are ready to provide Belarus with up to 60 million euros to combat the spread of this disease, while the media recalled that Russia still cannot deliver 100 previously paid respirators to the country.

“Belarus asked the EU for help in combating the spread of coronavirus infection,” said Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security. According to him, the Belarusian side asked for help for its health system and in the fight against the macroeconomic impact of this situation. They also requested financial assistance. Borrel noted that the EU is now thinking about how to respond to this request. The total amount of such assistance may be about 60 million euros. ”- about this, with reference to RIA Novosti, сообщает publication "".

It should be clarified that earlier the Deputy Minister of Health of Belarus Boris Androsyuk accused Russia of refusing to supply the country with already paid 100 thousand respiratory masks.

“Belarus ordered from the Russian Federation and paid for the supply of 100 thousand respirators, but so far they have been stuck in Russian warehouses, said Deputy Minister of Health Boris Androsyuk. "More than 100 thousand (respirators - IF) were hanging in the warehouses of Russia, although we paid, they do not deliver them to us yet," Androsyuk said at a briefing on Friday in Minsk. At the same time, he did not rule out that in the near future the first 5 thousand from the ordered party will go to the republic ”- Interfax reports.

Despite such a statement, experts recall that a few days earlier, Russia sent 10 tests to detect COVID-19 infection in Belarus, and therefore, Minsk’s criticism is completely unfounded.

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