Belarus sent S-300 air defense missiles to US bases without Russia's consent

Belarus was accused of supplying S-300 complexes and modern weapons to the United States.

It became known that the Belarusian authorities, without Moscow's consent to this, have arranged the supply of Soviet and modern weapons to NATO countries and the United States in particular, we are even talking about S-300 complexes and ammunition for them, while, according to experts, the the most official Minsk violated the agreement with Russia.

“According to the source, the Belarusian leader was asked to create a powerful defense industry to“ modernize ”the national armed forces and export weapons to other markets. But now Belarus must do the opposite, that is, first increase arms exports, leaving only a small part for the national army, because Belarus is not an exclusive market for any other country, and it tried to occupy a position between Russia and the West. Belarus has satisfied American demand, despite Russia's displeasure. In the 1990s Byelorussia did the same, delivering S-300 air defense missiles to US bases without Russia's consent. Moreover, Belarus also supplies weapons to Ukraine during the war in the east of this country with the separatists - a force that the West accuses is becoming the leading one. Especially in order to get to the United States, Belarusian weapons were sent to Romania. This shows what Romania is for Belarus the most important channel for the sale of weapons from Eastern Europe to the United States and several other NATO countries ", - about it сообщает Vietnamese edition "DatViet"

Experts do not exclude that Belarus could well provide the United States with other information about the means and weapons held by the Russian army, and it is for these reasons that Russia is in no hurry to supply Minsk with modern weapons despite the agreement on the joint defense of the two countries, offering to place them on the territory Belarus has its own military facilities, fighters and air defense systems.

"If not for such a president" ... Well, what would suit you? .. And what kind of President does Belarus need, he did not want to deal with this "business" - this is Shushkevich ... As a person who is more knowledgeable, I know that everything much more difficult than it seems to you .. And much depends on who wants your land, who wants to love the Belarusian people very pragmatically .., completely destroyed his identification

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And what did the Turks sell to the Turks that the Turks cannot do anything bad without us, as well as with 300 bowls given to the Amers, let the Amers study copy, it will take a lot for this time, maybe they were deliberately given to us how to know?

Yeah, if not for such a president, then the pensions would not have been canceled, and they would have lived richer than in Africa ...

First of all, the Kremlin and the entire leadership are traitors and a set-up for Russia, and then already "like an ally."

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What should be done? To turn into a permanent cash cow for them. To tear a piece of bread from your people and give it to them. Are you ready for this? But not me. First of all, you need to think about your people. If they want to be their own, let them be part of Russia. And then it will be our people. And then we will divide everything equally.

If it were not for such a president, neither the Russian army nor Russia would have existed long ago.

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Lukoshenko is a traitor and a setup for Russia. You can't give him new weapons.

Nobody refuses, you need it so much, you just need to be more careful with them. Sell ​​them not secret weapons, such as slingshots, clubs, you can even knives ...

According to another source, the United States, in response to the supply of S-300s, provided Belarus with 3 Patriot complexes with additional missiles free of charge.

The Russians have only one friend, and that is the army, aviation and navy.

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Isn't the USA preparing - the empire of lies,
provocation using the S-300, like, God forbid, MH17

One can only regret that in Russia there is such a president and such a team, and such a United Russia party: with a low level of intelligence, a low level of professionalism and a low level of moral and ethical standards. They have only one single reference point - corruption, personal benefit and latent hatred of the multinational people of Russia.

Not Belarus, but Lukashenko.

Strange politics. In Siberia, for example,
closed a bunch of businesses since the early 90s,
leaving people out of work. Based on them, you can
was to deploy production for the military-industrial complex, and not in Belarus.

Here amers Luka and thanked, they now have such a Maidan in Belarus that mom do not grieve, it is not yet known how it will end there. Father wanted to sit on two chairs, but two masters are not served, this is still biblical truth.

Well, not everything that is written on the fence is true.

Do not sell them more good weapons, let them use the remnants of the Second World War. And will protect

And during the war, the borders were surrendered for one or two. Now the guides of Minsk "whine" that they are a peace-loving people who did not want to fight.

You can't be cute! And to be nice, you have to turn into a cash cow!

But the Kremlin sold the s-400 to Turkey

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I don’t want to believe in such actions of the union state. You can't be cute, it's a fact. But we must look to the future, we need Belarus. Let them think and not postpone what needs to be done in order for WE to be CUTE for the fraternal country !!!!

allies are everywhere ..

Gaddafi also flirted with the United States and the Kremlin and the result was on the face