Belarus rejected further deployment of Russian military bases

The parties did not agree on the further deployment of Russian military bases in Belarus.

According to the Belarusian media, negotiations between the Russian and Belarusian sides began on the further deployment of Russian military facilities in the territory of a neighboring country. A decision on this subject should be made within the next day, that is, exactly one year before the end of the 25-year agreement between the two countries.

“The Ministry of Defense of Belarus is considering the conditions for the further stay of two Russian military facilities on the territory of the republic. Recall that in 1996 Belarus and Russia entered into an agreement on the deployment of the 43rd communications center of the Russian Navy (Minsk region) and a missile attack warning system at the Baranovichi radio technical center (Brest region) on the territory of the republic. The document is valid for 25 years and expires in 2021. In case of unwillingness of one of the parties to extend their validity, she notifies the other party in writing of the decision made 12 months before the agreement expires, that is, no later than June 6, 2020, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus specified. The final decision on the extension of the agreement will be made by the Belarusian government, and the Russian side will be notified about this in the working order ”- сообщает agency "Minsk News".

According to the source, the negotiations that were held a day before have not been successful so far - the conditions proposed by the Russian side did not satisfy the interest of the Belarusian authorities, and taking into account the fact that only a day remained to reach agreements, experts see this as a serious risk of losing two Russian defense departments large military facilities that are actively operated to this day.

The exact conditions under which negotiations are ongoing between Russia and Belarus are unknown.

The national dealer is constantly launching gas attacks or other attacks against Belarus. So what moral right do you have to demand from the Old Man of love and fidelity? He is forced to maneuver between enemies both in the West and in the East.

But the photograph was not taken in Belarus, the grandchildren of Goebbels!

I traveled to Belarus a couple of times a quarter until this pandemic. And in Minsk for the sake of interest I watched Belarus - 1. The rhetoric of the Fatherland - both yours and ours for a dime. Comes to Russia - one sings, and at home - another.

Marik, I’m interested in something else - but Father’s information appeared just now that Khas is very expensive and cheaper for Khas. And until that moment, did he know that the saint went? Or did Presidentzent mislead? For such a head you need to shoot! For misleading. Or can we have our own interests in all this?

Not MAZ, but MZKT, the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

only these are not bases, but objects. read the agreement, there is a drain that they can not be considered as bases

You are very wrong. Belarus’s large gas debt is paid off by rent. It’s Lukashenko who hangs noodles on his ears that he doesn’t take the rent, supposedly such a benefactor. Your Lukashenko is a liar of the highest standard. Belarusians work at these bases, of course, they all need to be kicked out: you do not have unemployment ... Objects are the property of the Russian Federation, we rent only land, so roll up your lip.

I agree!

And nobody brings down your father. And the refusal comes from Lukashenko. You do not live in Belarus and do not know all his rhetoric.

free, only cheese in a mousetrap))) prices for gas and oil grew for Belarusians, higher than Russia sells to Europe. Belarusians reasonably require a fee.

And in your opinion, is it necessary to issue another non-repayable loan for "friendship"?

Do not get to take everything to the maximum !!!! For these objects located in Belarus, the Russian Federation did not pay a penny of Belarus, therefore, Belarus may not allow the Russian Federation to remove equipment from these bases, but the entire Russian staff will drive this territory away and will use these bases to their advantage !!!

Belarusians want to be neutral for many reasons

Of course, there is at least domestic equipment, at least foreign, but there is an agreement that Russia undertakes to provide a quota for Belarus, that is, for its agricultural equipment, which is mostly of low quality. The only problem is military products, and these are tractors for rocket launchers, which MAZ produces, and so far there is nothing to replace it with. According to news channels, information was developed on the site of the KAMAZ concern that domestic products are being developed that should replace the Mazovian tractors.

I think that the allies are not just partners, but fraternal peoples, therefore, the authorities are obliged to agree and preserve the union state for the benefit of both peoples !!!

Russia did not give any proposals to continue the lease. What they considered there and from whom it is not clear

The booth must be finished. In Ukraine, one booth. in Belarus another booth. Russia has two friends: the army and the navy. Everything else is a booth.

Lukashenko may demand the withdrawal of the Russian military from the country. And what from this? The military of the Russian Federation is subordinate only to the Commander-in-Chief, and Lukashenko is simply NOBODY for them.

Of course Russia is completely to blame for Russia and all the light

I completely agree with you. And then give gas and oil for the dorm.

In this case, after 15 minutes of the invasion, America and its satellites in many parts of the world will not be.

Zeroed wants to completely zero out everything: forests, fields and rivers. Friends and own people.

I understand that this Russia does not know how to be friends? Hm. And what is this argument based on?

What is it specifically manifested in?

But in Russia we have something to replace the agricultural machinery and products they produce with at least?
Businesses are all on their knees ...
Only ambition ...

Is it time to treat Belarus as an enemy? Albeit potential, but an enemy. Well, we’ll be friends for another two years, and then everything, if the Old Man wins.

And along the way, we don’t need anything, neither industry, nor IT technology! So our Mullers of Sechin’s brothers are eternally vicious with oil and gas as they throw their slaves! Where our farmers are, where is the industry.

By the way, good advice and immediately the question to whom will you sell junk?

For whom is a poster written in English? If for Russians they write in Russian!

I agree, and take everything to the maximum, do not leave expensive infrastructure. They want to be abroad, let them be abroad.

In Belarus there is the death penalty of your collectors in the shredder thrown

Litvins, then bish Belarus, never when were not loyal to Russia-Muscovy. In all military conflicts, the inhabitants of these lands acted on the side of the European conquerors. In greater or lesser numbers. In the event of a conflict, Russia should be prepared for the fact that NATO tanks, after 7-10 hours of war, will be on the border of the Smolensk region.

We will not blame the Old Man, we should put the blame on him ... :)

To be friends is oil kisses ??

Make friends for free gas and oil for a friend?

Play dad before the election! Everything breaks up with us, but Europe does not take and threatens with sanctions. The harem track in the USA has already been laid. Go ahead, it's good there!

This has long been done!

It's just that you have to act in a friendly manner with a friendly country and not be treated like vassals.

Not Belarusians, but the existing government led by a Cockroach. Do not be limited in your opinions.

You need to be able to make friends --- if we don’t know how to get the result for you. And you don’t have to put everything on the Old Man !!!

If Russia leaves Belarus, it will lose its military ally, Lukashenka has started a dangerous game with fire, as Russia will leave the territory right away, the CIA intelligence will replace him with his own, IMF loans as in the scheme, and the country is in ruins.

It is necessary to withdraw military bases from Belarus, and put in Russia on the border with Belarus, close the border, and let them remain face to face with Poland, stuffed with American weapons. It is Russia that should set the conditions for Belarus, and Lukashenko is completely insolent, he must be taught to the mind.

it's time to close the Ross market for junk Luke

If we still need these bases in White Russia, then we should not be shy, but put pressure on pain points. Announce that the day of non-renewal of agreements on the bases will be the last for the supply of Belarusian food to Russia. And all fraternal chips will be canceled. Such as, for example, free fishing in our waters.

Is it really unclear to our government that it’s not bad to forcibly dear and the attitude towards Belarusians is necessary according to their status, it’s better to let our government work with our youth as in Soviet times, which allowed patriotic education

To threaten the “oilman” that we will sell the debt of White Russia to the collection companies on Wall Street. There are a couple or three of such jackals that mom do not grieve. They are engaged in the collection of debts from non-paying states.

Gas is cheap to Europe, oil is there too, and here are the bases to build in the same place in Germany and in the storage of Italy and Syria.

The Kaliningrad radar station "Voronezh", I can be mistaken in the exact name, located near the village ...., and put into operation in the mid-10s, covers the whole of Europe and part of Asia, so the Belarusian radar station is not relevant for Russia.

Lukashenko will end as well as Yanukovych. Flirting with nationalists does not end well.

The Volga radar was initially equipped with less than 70% of the equipment, because they could not agree with Ukraine on the price of manufacture and delivery. Paying a lot of money (and Lukashenko clearly turned down the space cost of rent in response to non-delivery of oil and gas disputes) for the long-distance communications submarine of the 1964 model also makes no sense.

Scattered stones, it's time to collect them!

And what is interesting to the Netherlands ??????

Kaliningrad, Baltic and Crimean, Black Sea bases are actually sufficient to solve defense problems. So let the Belarusians not overestimate "their importance." But the fact is indicative - the Belarusians do not really want to be with Russia. However, they have the right to choose (as we do).

How would later not regret it. But we do not really need these bases now, they have served their purpose, they have been replaced by much more modern and functional ones on the territory of Russia itself.