Alexander Lukashenko


Belarus has signed military cooperation with NATO

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus will cooperate with NATO.

This afternoon on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus there was information that the defense department of this country signed a plan for joint cooperation in military matters with the Czech Republic. In fact, the Czech Republic is a country belonging to the North Atlantic Alliance, against the background of which a host of questions arose in relation to Belarus.

“During the meeting, the sides discussed the prospects for military cooperation between defense ministries and exchanged views on current issues of international security. Also signed a bilateral military cooperation plan for 2019 year ", - said in an official message.

What exactly this kind of cooperation implies is not yet known, but analysts stressed that, against this background, Belarus may have corrupted political relations with Russia.

“It’s no secret that NATO is the main potential adversary of Russia, while Belarus is considered one of the main military partners. Given the high-profile situation, political relations between Belarus and Russia may be undermined. However, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus did not comment on such information. ”, - the analyst notes.

Earlier, Russia intended to deploy its military airbases on the territory of Belarus, which would allow it to protect the airspace of Belarus itself and provide protection to the western borders of Russia. Nevertheless, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, spoke out against the presence of the Russian military on the territory of the country, proposing to leave the Russian equipment, which the Belarusian pilots could easily control.

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The example of Ukraine, which transmitted all the information about C300 to amerikos and Jews, clearly shows that all the “brothers” are ready for treachery, so I would like to hope that there will be no idiots among our military command: the base is needed, but to transfer modern Russian equipment to leg. "

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“Actually, there’s nothing out of the ordinary in this agreement.” And where does this awareness come from? What exactly is in the agreement? What kind of lullaby? Or another attack propiaristosti ...

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In fact, this agreement is nothing out of the ordinary. The agreement is bilateral. Only two countries take part in it. The interaction of the troops is determined by this agreement.
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If Belarus wants to have its pilots on Russian planes, then let them buy Russian combat planes, it is possible on credit or on lease.

I have always said that you have to believe in deeds, not words. Belarusians are more opponents of our country than friends. We have only two allies: the army and the navy, and the rest are hangers-on.

On this basis, in particular, the fatalistic stoicism peculiar to the Belarusians grows, the conviction that certain gods on Olympus are engaged in big politics, whose decisions should be reconciled.
Yes, that citizens, here are entire territories that consider themselves, ironically, sovereign countries, to be characterized by such fatalism. They believe that the world is ruled by the gods from Capitol Hill. Przekia is one of these countries. So she would have to deal with their own problems.

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