Belarus received from Russia only eight missiles for the S-400 air defense system

The Belarusian military received 8 anti-aircraft guided missiles for the S-400.

The Belarusian military accidentally revealed the number of anti-aircraft guided missiles received from the Russian side for the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, which will be deployed several kilometers northwest of Grodno.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of arrival in the area of ​​the future deployment of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. On a small fragment of the video, two cars are clearly visible, in which there are eight anti-aircraft guided missiles. In this regard, experts believe that only two mobile launchers were transferred to the Belarusian side, and not a whole division, as previously stated.

Quite remarkable is the fact that the specialists did not manage to see mobile radars on the presented video frames. This does not exclude the possibility that the S-400 air defense systems deployed a few kilometers from the Polish border will only be integrated with the Russian S-400 and S-300 deployed in the Kaliningrad region.

It is known that Russia has deployed S-400 complexes in Grodno on the territory of the 2285th separate radio technical battalion (military unit 48685), 4 km from the border with Poland. At the same time, it remains unknown why the deployment actually took place at the border section.

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