Missile systems


Belarus helped China bypass Russia on nuclear potential

China outperformed Russia in nuclear capacity thanks to Belarus.

While Russia was actively looking and continues to search for the possibility of replacing Belarusian heavy tractors for ground missile systems, Minsk began to actively cooperate with China, providing the Chinese Armed Forces with the capabilities of time-tested tractors. Thanks to this, China successfully transplanted its hypersonic missiles to the wheelbase, thus surpassing Russia, which is forced to use mines for hypersonic weapons, which significantly limits the capabilities of the nuclear potential.

“The recent anniversary military parade in Beijing demonstrated that the PRC military-industrial complex has achieved great success in creating mobile ground-based missile systems for various purposes based on multi-axle wheeled chassis. As one would expect, the very fact that China overtook Russia in creating its own multi-axle chassis for strategic PGRKs caused a jealous reaction among most commentators covering the Beijing parade. Of course, the Russian army also has excellent multi-axle chassis for PGRK. Yes, the trouble is: they are produced in independent Belarus, at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT) ”- Belarusian inform Media.

It is noteworthy that initially it was expected that the Avangard and Sarmat missile systems would be placed on a wheeled chassis, however, for unknown reasons, the latter had to be placed in mines, which makes them relatively easy targets.

Moreover, according to some reports, Belarusian chassis are also used in the DPRK, where they are also used to transport ballistic missiles.