Belarus supplied hundreds of millions of dollars of air defense systems to Venezuela, displacing Russia

The Belarusian side is actively supplying air defense systems to Venezuela.

Despite the fact that Russia is actively supplying its weapons to the allied countries, it turned out that Belarus, in a sense, was able to bypass Russia by supplying air defense systems to Venezuela. According to Belarusian media, we are talking about orders for several hundred million dollars, moreover, it is reported that Belarus completely ousted Russia from Venezuela in terms of deliveries of short-range air defense systems.

“Within the framework of the joint air defense command (CADAI), Pechora-2M air defense deployment bases were created to protect critical facilities in Venezuela. The contract for the acquisition of these complexes was signed by Caracas in September 2009. The purchase of 11 (according to other 18 data) of such air defense systems was envisaged. Deliveries began in May 2011. "Pechora-2M" was created by the Belarusian-Russian International Financial and Industrial Group (IPFG) "Defense Systems" on the basis of the still Soviet (its first version was put into service in the 1961 year) S-125M Pechora air defense system », - the Belarusian News publication reports.

Nevertheless, cooperation between Belarus and Venezuela turned into a serious problem - despite the fulfillment by the Belarusian side of all the conditions of the contracts, Caracas has not yet paid the required amount, due to the crisis in the region.

“Caracas owed Minsk a decent amount - we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. Including Venezuela still has not paid with Belarus for the supply of military technology and property. But at the same time, the Venezuelan air defense system, created with the active participation of Belarusian specialists, is in a fairly combat-ready state. ”- adds the Belarusian edition.