Belarus adopted the Russian Su-30SM, which all Europe is afraid of

Belarussian Air Force adopted the Russian fighter Su-30SM.

Belarus adopted four Russian Su-30SM fighters, which officially took up combat duty at the air base in Baranovichi. The head of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin was present at the ceremony, and experts note the great significance of this event.

The rearmament of the Belarusian Air Force turned out to be such a landmark event that Europe already doubted whether the Belarusian army really poses a military threat, since today there are practically no competitors to the Su-30SM fighters in the arsenal of European countries, which, by the way, have successfully proved themselves and in real hostilities in Syria.

It should be clarified that after the transfer of the Russian Su-30SM to the arsenal of Belarus, the opposition media of this country began to disseminate information stating that the choice should not be given to Russian military vehicles, but to European ones, and this was due not only to cost, but also a resource of the same engines. Nevertheless, such an argument does not coincide at all, as evidenced by the numerous statements of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.