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Belarus held military exercises against Russian attack

The Belarusian army conducted military exercises to repel an attack from Russia.

Despite the fact that Russia considers neighboring Belarus one of its most important allies in the region, it became known that the Belarusian military has been conducting military maneuvers aimed at destroying Russian forces for more than a month, which raises a lot of doubts that Minsk really is a good ally.

According to Belarusian sources, large-scale military exercises are currently being held on the territory of the neighboring state, while, despite statements by the Belarusian authorities that the main threat comes from the West, actions in defense and offensive are being practiced exclusively in the eastern direction.

According to information that appeared in the Belarusian media, mainly ground forces are involved in large-scale military exercises, while actions for the defense of the eastern direction (from the Russian border - editor's note) are being practiced, as well as offensive actions.

Against the background of such exercises, many questions arise as to whether Minsk is really such a good ally of Russia, especially after the Belarusian leader has repeatedly threatened Moscow to renew friendship with the West and NATO.

We must meet the Russian troops in Belarus with bread and salt, and every year we give the country a billion dollars in financial assistance.

And yesterday they opened a secret package and it says that Sanya is digging a hole under the Kremlin to kill Vovka

Propaganda and nonsense, especially since we never intended to attack Belarus, but always defended it from the Poles, then from the Germans in the Brest Fortress.

this is just fake speculation, there is no border between the two states, there is just a direction, but if you put a punching bag on the wall behind which your neighbor lives, this does not mean that the neighbor is your enemy

Luca has never been an "ally."

Yes of course! Russian troops in the place with the Belorussians conducted exercises to contain Russia)) Well write, someone should believe in the campaign.