Tactical missile


Belarus creates its "Iskander" to "get rid" of the Russian military

The latest modification of the Belarusian Polonez complex is the answer to the Russian Iskander.

Against the background of how Russia continues to insist on the deployment of its military facilities and units on the territory of Belarus, in order to ensure the protection of the Union State from the influence of the West, Belarus has begun to actively develop its new armaments. According to experts, the key to this is the creation of weapons similar to the Russian missile systems, which will allow to exclude the further appearance of Russian military bases on the territory of this state.

More recently, it became known that in Belarus they began to develop a new modification of the Polonez complex, which will receive a new missile similar in appearance and tactical characteristics to the Russian Iskander missile system. The range of destruction of the ground targets of the Belarusian Polonaise is somewhat less than that of the Russian Iskander - the estimated range will be about 350-400 kilometers, however, obviously, this factor is insignificant for the Belarusian side.

It should be clarified that a number of countries have already become interested in the Belarusian Polonez complex, but experts note that it is unlikely that they will compete with the Russian Iskanders.