Belarusian doctors: "In intensive care, people die from pneumonia - they tell us to encrypt everything"

Belarusian doctors have announced the concealment of the real number of deaths due to the coronavirus COVID-19.

Despite the fact that today the number of patients with coronavirus COVID-19 in Belarus is relatively small, and amounts to about 170 people (the Ministry of Health of Belarus has not published accurate data for the last day - approx. Ed.), Belarusian doctors were outraged by the facts of concealing deaths. According to official figures, to date, only one person has died in neighboring Belarus, however, according to doctors, the statistics are much more gloomy.

“I think there are deceased patients [from coronavirus], and they are not always old. In intensive care, people die from pneumonia, but we are not always given the diagnosis of pneumonia in deceased patients. At the administrative level, they say, "no, that's all, encrypt it differently so as not to spoil the statistics." On Friday, there were five confirmed cases of coronavirus in the hospital. Resuscitators work for wear. Previously, the intensive care unit occupied six beds, now it has spread to the entire floor. From the high stands today they say that we have nothing and all this is psychosis. Unfortunately, this is not psychosis. Today is a very unpleasant and ugly situation ”- сообщает Belarusian medic

The doctor didn’t give the exact number of patients with coronavirus infection in Belarus, however, given the information presented, we can talk about hundreds of patients, and possibly a much greater number of deaths.

Nevertheless, analysts note that the information provided by the Belarusian media is also under great question.

“Given the era of digitalization, it is logical to assume that any information would be quickly disseminated through the Internet and media not controlled by official Minsk. It cannot be ruled out that there really can be more cases, but the fact that the situation is critical is unlikely ”, - the analyst notes.