Belarusian media reported on Lukashenko's flight from the country to Turkey

The Belarusian media reported that a few hours before the end of the presidential elections in the country, the current leader left the territory of Belarus - his board was seen flying to Turkey, which is also confirmed by international services monitoring the air situation around the world.

There are no official comments on this matter from Minsk and the press service of the President of Belarus, however, judging by the data provided by publicly available resources, the plane landed in the southern part of Turkey. The board really belongs to the Belarusian leader, however, who exactly was on board is still unknown.

Nevertheless, after the completion of the voting, real chaos began on the territory of Belarus - in addition to the harsh dispersal of the protesters, it became known that one of the transport vehicles rammed a crowd of citizens, as a result of which several people were seriously injured. Sources report shooting in the center of Minsk (according to other sources, we are talking about the use of stun grenades), however. in a number of cities in Belarus, representatives of the law and order refused to detain the protesters, joining their ranks - at the moment we are talking about at least four cities in Belarus.

According to local sources, as a result of clashes with law enforcement services, at least 150 people were injured, deaths reported.