Belarusian Su-30s drove NATO fighters several hundred kilometers away

Su-30 fighters drove off NATO aircraft that approached the Belarusian borders.

The Su-30 fighters that entered service with Belarus were used to intercept NATO fighters, which allegedly flew extremely close to the Belarusian borders. The effect of the rise of heavy fighters was so impressive that the Alliance fighters had to move away from the Belarusian borders.

“We see what's going on. How insolent ... Just a couple of weeks ago, NATO planes were flying straight to our border. And what were we forced to do? We raised the Su-30 - the plane is new - and flew towards them. Washed away a hundred kilometers away. This means that we will be constantly pulled, and we must answer "- said the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader did not specify any details on this score, however, according to the data of objective monitoring resources that monitor the air situation, foreign military aircraft, including combat ones, regularly appear at the Belarusian borders, so the arguments voiced by the Belarusian president really could take place.

Nevertheless, a number of doubts are raised by the fact, voiced by Lukashenka, regarding the fact that NATO planes "disappeared a hundred kilometers away", since flying in the airspace of NATO member states, the latter did not violate international rights and agreements, and the Belarusian Air Force could not to take against them.