Belarusian military did not want to participate in the Russian Victory Parade

The Belarusian military does not see interest in participating in the Russian Victory Parade.

According to a number of Belarusian sources, after representatives of the Belarusian defense department received an invitation to take part in the Victory Parade in Moscow on June 24, the Belarusian side expressed a desire to refuse to participate in their troops in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War, which is primarily due to the current the situation in Russia with coronavirus infection, Russia's refusal to participate in the Victory Parade in Minsk, and. According to unnamed sources, the absence of such a calendar date as June 24.

No official statements have been received by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus on this subject, however, given the active criticism from the authorities of the neighboring state, such an invitation will most likely be an attempt to remind Russia that Victory Day is celebrated on May 9, and not June 24.

“Belarus is the only country in the post-Soviet space that held the Victory Parade on May 9, and given the fact that Russia refused to support such an event in any way, it is logical to assume that official Minsk will find another reason to remind Moscow that Victory Day is celebrated on May 9, and not after a month and a half "- said the source.

Experts, however, believe that in reality, one of the reasons for refusing to participate in the Victory Parade in Moscow will be the still difficult situation with coronavirus in Russia.

and rightly so

I support - the enemy is better understood than the "ally" rotten


And Belarusians refused to celebrate the New Year on April 1st. Well traitors.

There was a land of partisans, but it turns into a land of traitors.

You are a traitor, without a country.

He does not participate in Putin’s games.

Not a country, but a state.

Luke said that this was not their war, therefore, not their victory, therefore they had nothing to do on June 24 in Moscow.

In this case, the Byalorus are silent
1. The most unprepared for war was the Belarusian military district
2. Minsk is the only city hero that was surrendered on the 5th day of the war
3. There was no call to the Red Army from the territory of the BSSR from July 1941 to August 1944.
And as for the refusal, is the Byaloruss really an army? they have an army. In what wars and military conflicts did it participate? It was formed in 1992. Only in parades.

One more little brother, they climbed into the bottle! After all, no one forbade Old Man to risk the health of his own people !!! As if the old man wouldn’t get on the bench after the elections if they suddenly turn out to be unsuccessful for him. And IN THE PARADE, only the union of our peoples was the decisive factor in the victory in the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR! And the memory of veterans, about the degree of the size of the share made by our people by weight is not measured, death is hard for everyone! And the refusal of the father is an extra bucket of water at the Vlasov mill!

In the end, it is their right. The parade is not a festival of Slavic song. Just sad. Disagreements can lead to different assessments of historical events, sacred traditions and high feelings.

Belarus is a country of traitors