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Belarusian military "missed" a NATO drone in their airspace

An unknown NATO reconnaissance drone violated the border of the airspace of Belarus and was able to escape unnoticed.

Despite the fact that in neighboring Belarus the air defense and air forces were put on high alert, the Belarusian military once again disgraced themselves and let an unmanned aerial vehicle into their airspace, which, allegedly, entered it from Poland. According to some reports, we are talking about a small unmanned NATO reconnaissance drone, however, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reports that we are talking about an "unknown aircraft".

"The Ministry of Defense: an unknown aircraft violated the Belarusian border from Poland," the popular Belarusian Telegram channel reports.

At the moment, there are no details, however, apparently, the Belarusian military once again let the aircraft through the border of their airspace, by analogy, as it happened earlier with a small light-engine aircraft with the Swedes on board.

Experts draw attention to the fact that, for unknown reasons, the Russian military also failed to find the aircraft, since Russia and Belarus are jointly protecting the airspace of the Union State.

This just means that the Belarusian specialists have sat too long, there is no experience and special developments ... Father in Syria did not drive his specialists to increase ammunition, and in addition refused to create Russian bases on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and this is the result ...

what can they do?
It's not like beating civilians in Minsk and Moscow fooling around in eternal and fraternal friendship.

Is there even a hint of confirmation on FL24 in the archive?
Previously, screenshots of FL24 were shown here.

Here's your grandmother and St. George's Day. Disgrace to the military was supposedly not shameful already.