Belarusian military captured eight NATO combat aircraft

The Belarusian military managed to capture eight NATO combat aircraft.

Against the backdrop of very complicated relations between Belarus and NATO, the Belarusian military managed to capture eight combat aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance. We are talking about the attack aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force, moreover, this NATO member state was very unlucky - eight combat aircraft that were "intercepted" by the Belarusian military make up more than half of the total number of attack aircraft in Bulgaria, and, apparently, this may turn out to be very large loss for NATO.

“Bulgaria is worried about the return of combat aircraft from Belarus, because Alyaksandr Lukashenka said last Thursday about the possible closure of Belarus’s borders because of the ongoing protests, as a“ war ”could start. According to a number of sources, Minsk has deployed army units along the borders with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. The Bulgarian army is armed with 14 Su-25s, of which, until recently, only 5 were on alert. They must continue to carry out the tasks of direct support of troops from the air even after the arrival of the new F-16 Block 70 - the Bulgarians signed an agreement for the supply of 8 American fighters last year. The first 6 aircraft will enter the Bulgarian Air Force by the end of 2023, the remaining two - at the beginning of 2024 ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Experts believe that today this is a very good reason why NATO and the EU have not yet imposed sanctions against Minsk - in the event of an escalation of the situation, Belarus will deprive Bulgaria of a quarter (25%) of its military aviation, and for Sofia it will become a problem of an emergency nature, especially since the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria no longer has the funds to buy new aircraft.

Belarus has not yet voiced information about its readiness or unwillingness to transfer repaired aircraft to Bulgaria, especially since the situation regarding the confrontation between NATO and Belarus has not been fully clarified.

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You just use your hands to blame this journalistic fake. First, they "captured" NATO planes (where, at what collision or border violation?). Then they "intercepted". And finally, it is reported that the planes of Bulgaria are in Belarus for repairs and that Belarus has not made any statements about non-return. As you can understand, the whole story is sucked from the finger and is based on assumptions.

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The first chairman of the Central Committee of China receives the head of the country's Foreign Ministry. The minister reports: Comrade Chairman of the Central Committee Bulgaria has declared war on us! The chairman asks the minister: And how big is the army in Bulgaria? The minister answers: about forty thousand people. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the People's Republic of China asks: And in which hotel did they stay?

Anatoly, they handed over to Belarusians for repairs, it is written the same.

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History: "" Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Serbia--

Joint military exercises are being held. In 2016, Russia donated thirty T-72S tanks and thirty BRDM-2 tanks with weapons to Serbia. It is reported about the intention to transfer in the near future six MiG-29 fighters [18], 30 T-72B3 tanks and a number of infantry fighting vehicles [19]. An agreement was signed on the purchase of the Buk air defense complex for the Serbian army [20]. ""

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So our ally also repairs NATO aircraft !?

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And they came under an agreement between the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria and the 558th Aviation Repair Plant. The contract for 73,6 million euros excluding VAT was signed in November 2018. And by the way, the first two repaired dryers will be sent on September 23 after repair to the place of permanent dislocation in Bezmer.

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They were in Belarus, undergoing maintenance.

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