The growth of passenger traffic


Belarusian air carrier "BelAvia" increased its passenger traffic by 23%

Belarusian Airlines "BelAvia"Increased the volume of passenger traffic by almost 23% for the current year.

According to representatives of the Belarusian air carrier, already at the end of July they transported their millionth passenger, while over the same period last year the number of passengers did not reach 800 thousand people. The reasons for the sharp increase in passenger traffic are, first of all, in the emergence of new destinations and a certain decrease in prices for air travel services.

To date, the park of the Belarusian air carrier consists of 21 aircraft and by the end of the year it is planned to purchase another 2 aircraft, and flights carried out by the Belarusian air carrier are made on more than 40 routes.


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