Belousov said that we are not talking about mobilization

Andrei Belousov, the recently appointed Russian Defense Minister, gave his first speech, voicing the main priorities and tasks of his ministry.

Belousov noted that one of the most pressing problems is the issue of equipping the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He stressed the importance of ensuring the supply of state-of-the-art equipment, artillery ammunition, missiles, personal protective equipment, communications equipment, drones and electronic warfare (EW) equipment.

The minister emphasized that the enemy is learning quickly, and the situation with the use of new technologies changes literally weekly. He noted the need to preempt the enemy and practice new forms of warfare. Everything that is effective and advanced in the country should work to achieve victory.

Another important issue is the recruitment of the RF Armed Forces. Belousov specifically noted that we are not talking about mobilization or emergency measures, but about planned measures to recruit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

As a matter of priority, the new minister intends to deal with issues of military education, noting that certain problems have accumulated in this area that require solutions.

The minister emphasized his responsibility to the country, the people and the president. He assured that he would use all his strength, health and, if necessary, life to achieve his goals. Belousov also stated that he is guided by the principle: you can make mistakes, but you cannot lie.


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