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White House attacked by invisible electromagnetic weapons, injuring dozens of people - US suspects Russia

Russia is suspected of attacking the White House.

The US authorities announced that in November 2020, unknown assailants attacked the White House and the surrounding area of ​​Washington using unknown electromagnetic weapons, the presence of which was previously considered only in Russia. According to the data presented, as a result of a powerful electromagnetic effect, diplomats who were on the territory of the White House and the civilian population experienced severe headaches, disorientation in space, etc. - previously similar weapons were used in Cuba and Syria.

In addition to Russia, China is also suspected of attacking the White House, however, due to the peculiarities of this electromagnetic weapon, it is very problematic to detect its use, and even more so to prove the involvement of any country.

“US federal agencies are investigating at least two suspected cases of possible involvement in invisible energy attacks, including one near the White House in November 2020, which caused severe symptoms in dozens of people. A late 2020 National Academy of Sciences study found that the disease US officials acquired in Cuba, still known as Havana Syndrome, may be the result of electromagnetic radiation. The document also says that the Soviet Union studied the effects of radio frequency energy 50 years ago - which means that any country, group or organization with similar technologies could be behind the attack. “It's not a particularly difficult technology, it's more about how they use it [and] what effect they used [which is even more confusing]. Of course, Russia has this technology, America has this technology, and China too, "Jay Galliott explained to ABC.", - reports the publication "Sokha".

A little earlier it became known that similar weapons were used in Syria, where only Russia can possess such technologies, which caused such serious concerns in Washington.

Again Petrov and Bashirov ...

The main thing in this investigation is not to get out on ourselves!

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A funny crap was invented by the Washington regime with its satellites, everything that cannot be proven is vparivayut Russia, the lack of poisoning of the Skripals, Navalny chemical attacks in Syria if it is impossible to prove by documentary and other forensic methods that this or that side did it right there and then they say, but we know that with a high degree of probability that this is Russia, while not presenting any evidence. And now they pulled out some kind of electromagnetic waves, which allegedly attacked the White House, but we know that this is Russia, but there is no evidence. but take our word for it. Honestly, this "liked fart" is already sick of it, at least once documentary confirm your

Fake news. The main thing is to blame Russia for something. Or maybe it's Petrov and Bashirov again?