General Ben Hodges Crimea strikes Ukraine


Ben Hodges called for focusing on attacks on Crimea

Former commander of the US Army in Europe Ben Hodges said that it is important for Ukraine to make Crimea uninhabitable through long-range missile strikes. In his opinion, this will allow Ukrainian troops to achieve important success in the conflict with Russia.

General Hodges believes that the presence of long-range weapons makes any Russian base, logistics hub, artillery position and headquarters vulnerable. He also criticizes NATO allies for lacking a real strategy for the Black Sea basin.

“The presence of long-range weapons makes every Russian base, every logistics hub, artillery position and headquarters vulnerable. Therefore, in my opinion, if the Ukrainian Armed Forces can make Crimea uninhabitable so that the navy, air force and logistics cannot remain there, then I believe that the Ukrainian troops will achieve a very important success."- declared Hodges.

The statement from Hodges is completely unacceptable and may well entail consequences, since it is a direct call for an attack on Russia.

Meanwhile, lobbyists continue to put pressure on the administration of US President Joe Biden to organize the transfer of ATACMS long-range missiles with a range of up to 300 km to Kyiv. Hodges and other retired US generals have advocated for long-range missiles, indicating Washington's interest in continuing the conflict.


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