Swedish Coast Guard detects fourth Nord Stream gas leak

Another explosion occurred on one of the Nord Stream branches.

According to the Swedish publication Svenska Dagbladet, the Swedish Coast Guard has discovered the fourth gas leak from «Northern Streams. The nature of the damage has not yet been fully established, however, the situation indicates that the cause of the damage to the gas pipeline could indeed be sabotage or an act of international terrorism.

Aviation is currently working at the site of the damage to the gas pipeline in order to study the situation, however, the damage here, as stated, is much less than at the other three points.

A little earlier, the German media reported that the restoration of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was impossible due to extensive damage and corrosion, while in Russia they emphasized that if the repair of the branches is provided for, this could take at least six months.

Given the circumstances that have been revealed, there is a possibility that there are other damages on the gas pipeline. This requires further study of the situation.


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