Berlin announced the delivery of Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine, but without ammunition

Germany will send 88 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine, but without ammunition.

The German authorities have decided that Ukraine will receive Leopard 1 tanks from Germany. The latter are comparable in their capabilities to the Soviet T-72 tanks. However, the key problem for Ukraine will be the fact that Germany actually does not have ammunition for these combat vehicles and can only transfer about 5000 shells to Ukraine: Argentina and Brazil, with which Germany had previously negotiated, refused to supply shells for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

The delivery of 88 Leopard 1 tanks, despite the fact that these combat vehicles are considered obsolete, is quite a serious military assistance. The latter are largely superior to the T-62 tanks and approximately more in line with the Soviet T-72 tanks, although they are largely inferior to the tanks of the T-72BM3 modifications. Apparently, Ukraine will have to find ammunition suppliers on its own, however, even with limited ammunition, such tanks can pose a danger that should not be underestimated.

Earlier there were reports that Ukraine could also receive a company set of Leopard 1 tanks from Finland, however, the Finnish army also has a limited amount of ammunition in service.


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