Abha Airport


The drone attacked Abha International Airport: one was killed and seven were injured. Video

Hussites attacked Abha International Airport with the help of UAVs.

Yemeni rebels delivered another blow to Abha International Airport. According to information at the disposal of the Avia.pro resource, the Hussites deployed several Qasef-K2 unmanned aerial vehicles, which attacked Abha International Airport (Saudi Arabia).

It is reported that at least one attack drone was able to break through the Patriot air defense / anti-missile defense system and hit the car park of an international air harbor, resulting in the death of at least one person (according to some sources - a Syrian citizen - ed.) and seven more were injured.

In fact, Saudi air and missile defense systems were powerless against Qasef-K2 drones, and far from the first time. However, there are no official reports from the authorities of Saudi Arabia on this matter, but several days earlier satellite images appeared showing a military airbase with AH-64 Apache attack helicopters destroyed here.

Earlier, the Yemeni rebels announced that they were ready to launch attacks on almost 300 objects in Saudi Arabia.