Drone attacked the airfield in the Kursk region

A Ukrainian drone attacked an airfield in the Kursk region.

A new attack on an airfield in Russia was recorded tonight. As it became known, a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle took part in the attack, as a result of which the oil reservoir was damaged and caught fire. The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, confirms the information that we are talking about an attack.

On the video frames you can see the consequences of the attack on the airfield in the Kursk region. As a result of the explosion of an unmanned aerial vehicle, a serious fire began, the localization of which the emergency services are still working on. Information about the victims and victims is not yet available, however, judging by the footage from the scene of the fire, various kinds of destruction may well take place.

At the moment, there is no objective information about whether the equipment located on the territory of the airfield was damaged. However, this is the third attack on airfields located on Russian territory in a day. In particular, the Dyagilevo strategic aviation base in the Ryazan region, as well as Engels in the Saratov region, were attacked the day before.

It should be noted that it is still unknown whether there were military aircraft at the airfield in the Kursk region.

 With the use of which particular drone the attack was carried out is not specified.


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