A drone attacked the American military base of Ain al-Assad in western Iraq

Armed units of the Shiite movement "Islamic Resistance of Iraq" reported a drone attack on the American military base of Ain al-Asad in the Iraqi province of Anbar. Information about this was published in the movement’s Telegram channel.

The attack on the Ain al-Assad base was carried out, according to the movement, "in response to enemy crimes in the Gaza Strip." Allies of the movement claim that the drone successfully hit its intended target, but did not provide specific information about the damage caused.

This is not the first attack on the Ain al-Assad base in recent times. The previous incident occurred on November 23, when a base near Erbil International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan in northern Iraq was also attacked. These attacks indicate growing tension in the region and the activity of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq in the context of current geopolitical conflicts.


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