A drone attacked the Taneco oil refinery in Nizhnekamsk

Tatarstan became a target for drones in the first days of April. Reports of an attempted UAV attack on the Taneco plant in Nizhnekamsk are being discussed in the media and social networks. According to preliminary information, an unmanned aerial device hit one of the enterprise’s installations, but there is no official confirmation of this fact yet.

This incident follows previously circulated video footage of the moment a drone struck a dormitory on the territory of another enterprise in Yelabuga, also located in Tatarstan. The drone captured on video, resembling a small airplane in appearance, descended toward the ground at high speed, followed by a powerful explosion and ignition.

These attacks, which occurred on April 2, were the first time UAVs were used against targets in Tatarstan since 2022. Despite the potential threat, authorities report no major damage or civilian casualties.


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