The Baba Yaga drone was discovered in the office of a Moscow company during operational search activities.

During operational search operations, an unmanned aerial vehicle known as “Baba Yaga” was discovered in the office of the Ard Satcom Service company on Partizanskaya Street in Moscow. This type of drone is actively used by the Ukrainian military, which has aroused particular interest from FSB officers and the Center for Combating Extremism (CPE).

According to a source from the Baza publication, the drone belonged to Nikolai K., a 30-year-old director of a company that supplies telecommunications equipment. When the drone was discovered, it was in the office.

Intelligence services are currently investigating the motives for the acquisition and the intended purposes of using this drone. It is unclear whether the drone was intended for commercial or personal purposes, or whether it could be involved in any illegal activities.

The Baba Yaga drone is known for its high performance and ability to carry out attacks, which gives this incident additional seriousness.


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