UAV-kamikaze from Ukraine hit the Rostov region

The explosion and fire at the Novoshakhtinsky Oil Refinery was caused by a kamikaze drone.

A few hours ago, an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle, flying, allegedly from the territory of Ukraine, attacked the Rostov region. A drone hit an oil refinery in Novoshakhtinsk, causing an explosion and subsequent massive fire, as evidenced by footage taken by bystanders of the drone.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment the unmanned aerial vehicle approached the territory of the oil refinery and the drone strike itself. The latter, apparently, was stuffed with explosives, which detonated at the moment the drone hit the refinery building.

Initially, it was assumed that the cause of the fire at the Novoshakhtinsky Oil Refinery could be a purely technical reason, however, later fragments of a drone were found on the territory of the plant, and after some time a video of the attack itself appeared.

At the moment, the Ukrainian side has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

As a result of the kamikaze drone attack, no casualties and casualties were avoided, however, judging by the first video footage, the destruction of the refinery infrastructure could be very large.