A drone filmed an unsuccessful attempt of a tank defense breakthrough

The drone captured on video the unsuccessful attempt of the T-80 tank to break through the defensive line.

The crew of the T-80 tank of an unspecified modification tried to break through the defensive line, probably conducting reconnaissance in force, however, despite the fact that the defense line was actually broken through, the guided missile that flew into the tank turned out to be fatal for a heavy armored combat vehicle. The missile, apparently, pierced the tank's armor and led to the detonation of the tank's ammunition, as a result of which, after a few seconds, the tank was torn apart.

In the presented video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see how the T-80 tank successfully breaks through the dirt road right along the defensive line. However, despite the fact that the crew managed to retreat almost a kilometer, a missile successfully fired from an anti-tank missile system overtook the tank and, damaging its armor, set the turret on fire.

Literally moments before the tank was engulfed in flames, one of the crew members managed to get out of the tank, after which there was a huge explosion. Apparently, the tank had a full load of ammunition, since its explosion was so strong that there was practically nothing left of a heavy armored fighting vehicle weighing over 40 tons.

Video footage, according to preliminary data, was filmed near the border of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions.