A drone destroyed a refinery in Venezuela

A sabotage at an oil refinery in Venezuela was carried out using a drone.

The night before, Venezuela received information that in the course of another sabotage, one of the country's largest oil refineries, located in San Diego de Cabrutika, was blown up. It is reported that there are both injured and dead, and, according to media reports, a small unmanned aerial vehicle was used to carry out sabotage.

According to journalists, persons involved in the preparation of sabotage against the country's energy sector used a small unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with an improvised explosive device, which was activated when the drone was in an area with flammable and explosive substances.

It is known that the epicenter of the explosion was located far from the perimeter of the refinery, and when people penetrated it, it would be noticed, which also underlines the possible use of an unmanned aerial vehicle. On the other hand, no evidence indicating the use of a drone for sabotage at the Venezuelan oil refinery, so far no.

I agree with you: 10 thousand hectares is not very likely, but, in my opinion, to undermine with the help of a small unmanned aerial vehicle, an explosive device with a weight of two kilos is attached to the rum, so this capacity in the photo is the same as two finger ... on the asphalt. I think so.

From an abandoned cigarette butt, 10 ignites thousands of hectares of forest unlikely. But from the disorder of bureaucrats responsible for the safety of these hectares, it is likely and even very possible !!!

How do you, a strong mind, think: 1) can a warehouse with weapons from the careless handling of one grenade fly into the air?
2) Can a ten thousand square kilometers of Siberian taiga catch fire from an unrequited cigarette butt thrown on dry grass or from an open fire?

Mini-drone to blow up commodity capacity? The version for those who are at the same time a) weak in the mind and b) has no idea about the refinery. However, there are many.

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