Attack of drones


UAVs attacked the oil refineries of Saudi Arabia. Video

Unmanned aerial vehicles attacked oil refineries in Saudi Arabia.

A few minutes ago, Telegram-communities published video recordings of an unmanned aerial vehicle attack on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. As it became known, behind the attack are the Hussites.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the speech, according to preliminary data, is about seven drones, is destructive. According to preliminary data, the Hussites deployed Qasef-1 unmanned aerial vehicles, which dropped artillery shells suspended on them directly onto oil storages.

The damage from the attacks of the Hussites remains unknown, but, as can be seen in the video frames presented, a large column of smoke rises from the refinery, which indicates a powerful fire.

At the moment, Saudi authorities prefer not to comment on the attack on the refinery, but analysts have already drawn a parallel with the recent attack on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.