The drones that attacked the Israeli tanker were not Iranian - someone is trying to frame Tehran

They are trying to drag Iran into an armed conflict by creating provocations.

The likelihood that it was Iranian drones that attacked an Israeli tanker off the coast of Oman are very low. According to world analysts, Tehran most likely wants to be drawn into an armed conflict in the region, since if the Iranian military really wanted to destroy the tanker, they would freely use a torpedo strike or use their cruise anti-ship missiles for this, which would flood tanker in just a few minutes.

The publication of photographs of a tanker with a destroyed deck forces experts to argue that Tehran is unlikely to decide to take such action.

“Such an attack is quite insignificant against a tanker, especially since small drones were used. Iran has an arsenal of anti-ship missiles that would fly from the borders of the Islamic Republic to a tanker in a few minutes and destroy it completely. They would not even be noticed, since such rockets fly practically at the very surface of the water. Probably, one of the countries of the Middle East is trying to frame Tehran and drag it into an armed conflict, moreover, it could be Israel itself, Saudi Arabia and other states of the region ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that there was no direct evidence that Iran was behind the attack.


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