Drones "Geran" began to swarm the key headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A swarm of drones hit the key headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Unmanned aerial vehicles "Geran" began to attack the positions of the Ukrainian military in a swarm. This significantly reduced the chances of successfully repulsing the attack with the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and made it possible to inflict critical strikes on the infrastructure of the Ukrainian military. According to sources, the headquarters and barracks where the Ukrainian military were stationed were hit. Moreover, in addition to the liquidation of buildings on the territory of the military unit, it is known about extremely serious losses among the personnel of the Ukrainian military.

According to Pravda, 6 unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously took part in the attack (according to the Ukrainian military, up to 12 drones), which delivered successful strikes on the territory of a military unit in Bila Tserkva.

“On October 5, the RF Armed Forces attacked the city of Belaya Tserkov with drones (UAVs) Geran-2 (an analogue of the Iranian Shahid-136), the Kyiv regional military administration reported. There were six hits and explosions in total, - said Governor Alexei Kuleba. 15 units of rescue equipment and 57 people are working at the site. The objectives of the attack are the location of the 72nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ("Black Cossacks") and the airfield. Military experts agree that all the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that defended Kyiv were transferred to the Kharkov and Nikolaev regions, so kamikaze drones flew from 150 to 400 km without hindrance., - informs the Russian edition.

The attack really turned out to be massive and, in all likelihood, extremely unexpected. At the same time, the fact from which direction it was carried out is still unknown, since, according to a number of experts, drones could be launched from the territory of neighboring Belarus.




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