Abha Airport


Kamikaze drones attack an airport in Saudi Arabia

Yemeni rebels once again launched a powerful attack against Saudi Arabia.

Against the backdrop of Saudi Arabian air strikes several hours ago in Yemen, the Hussites deployed their unmanned aerial vehicles to attack Abha International Airport. The goal was the control tower, as well as a number of aircraft hangars.

At the moment, it is known that the Yemeni rebels used the Qasef-2K unmanned aerial vehicles to attack the international air harbor, and in Riyadh they still do not comment on the night attack, apparently not wanting to admit a new failure to protect their own airspace by American Patriot missile defense systems.

How many unmanned aerial vehicles participated in the attack is still unknown, but a few days ago the Hussites successfully destroyed the American MQ-9 Reaper attack drone, and for this purpose Soviet anti-aircraft guided missiles Kub were used, obviously modernized for launch from stationary platforms.

Destruction data at the Abha International Airport is not yet available.

but in the photograph it’s not at all Su-35, rather Su-30СМ