The no-fly zone established by Russian air defense over Syrian Manbij was again violated

Turkish attack drones circle right above the positions of the Russian military in the vicinity of Manbij.

Despite claims that Russia created a completely no-fly zone over Manbij and within a radius of 50 kilometers from it, it turned out that Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone unmanned aerial vehicles and reconnaissance drones completely unhindered violate the established boundaries of closed airspace.

In the presented image, you can see that Turkish drones are completely free to circle over Manbij itself, where according to some reports, there are up to one and a half hundred Russian military, and over its environs.

“It cannot be ruled out that Turkish drones do not shoot down just for the reason of preventing a conflict, however, on the other hand, this poses a serious threat to the Russian military, which, in fact, may be hit by Turkish drones”, - the expert marks.

Earlier it was reported that the Syrian military also deployed its air defense systems in the Manbij area, with the willingness to hit any targets that violate Syrian airspace without prior approval.