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The helplessness of Turkish F-16 in Syria ridiculed in the West

Western journalists ridiculed "mighty" Turkey for escaping from Russian fighters.

Against the background of a warning strike on a convoy of Turkish military, Western journalists ridiculed Turkey, which not only could not give any decent answer, although it is a member country of the North Atlantic Alliance, but was also forced to watch Russian and Syrian fighters strike at Khan Sheikhun.

The main emphasis was placed on the fact that Turkish fighters appearing in the sky above Syria were forced to return to Turkish airspace due to the appearance of Russian Su-35 in the sky.

“Turkey had its own F-16 over the city, and its forces were very close. On her side was all the legal right ("Astana Agreement") to strike at Assad's forces and support the rebels in order to defeat them. Instead, she did nothing and watched the capture of the city. "- said the German journalist Julian Röpke.

Specialists were surprised by the position of the journalist of the Bild publication, since there was no question of any legal right to bomb Syrian troops.

“In the West they saw that Russia supports Assad and immediately managed to accuse the Russian and Syrian sides of violating the agreements. However, since the conclusion of the agreement in Astana, Turkey has not complied with a single paragraph of the Idlib accords. ” - notes the specialist.

At the moment, when carrying out attacks on Khan Sheikhun, Russian fighters escort Syrian combat aircraft, preventing Turkey from taking any measures.

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Eugene. as far as I know the Ukrainians, well, masters are talking about everything, and what does it mean to repel alone, hordes of something? If the Russians wanted to create NOVORISSIA, they would dare you to western Ukraine for a long time. to the borders in which you lived before the 1917 revolution of the year. But so far these plans do not. And what is the HYBRID WAR? some idiot came up with this term and you as idiots picked up. WAR is different it is ECONOMIC, INFORMATION, and HOT. and what is HYBRID is unclear. And therefore, if you are cool warriors, why don’t you declare war on RUSSIA, why do you go to work in Russia, what do you buy oil and gas from Russia? are you fighting? Or do you like cowardly rats like a tantrum to scream and squeal - THE POLICE HELP ME TO ROBET. If Russia was called an aggressor and Russia is fighting against Ukraine, then fight like war and do not roll up a woman's screech and hysteria.

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Oleg, is it necessary to have a lot of skill, intelligence and courage in order to launch a rocket out of the butt, into the tail of a Russian plane, despite the fact that he knew about the presence of Turkish flyers, but was not at all afraid of their attack, since Medu Moscow and Turkey was an agreement on the refusal of hostile actions against each other?
Well, if you are such a hero and you had the courage to hammer in the tail of your partner in the anti-Igil coalition (which is exactly what we called the Turks at that time), then why don’t you show your heroism now that there is a worthy opponent? Bored? And, if it is sissy, then why is it a sin to laugh at such warriors?))

no need to laugh at the Turkish Air Force! How many Turkish aircraft were shot down by the Russian Aerospace Forces? I’ll put the question differently - how many planes belonging to the Russian Air Force have shot down the NATO Air Force? And the Turkish Air Force shot down the VKS. At least one.

Well, Turks, what kind of garbage did this happen? You must give a fitting rebuff. Here we alone repelled the blow of a bloody empire waging a hybrid war against a small brave neighbor