Unprecedented strike: 8 American bombers at once worked out strikes on Russia from the Arctic

Eight American strategic bombers immediately practiced striking at Russian territory.

The American military command carried out an unprecedented military operation while the Russian military was practicing maneuvers as part of the Caucasus-2020 exercises, sending at least 8 strategic bombers from various regions of the globe to the Russian borders. The air strikes were practiced from the most vulnerable direction for Russia - from the Arctic, and B-52 (4 aircraft), B-1B (2 aircraft) and B-2 (2 aircraft) bombers took part in such a provocation, which was an unprecedented action.

“Two strategic bombers B-2A Spirit, which had previously taken off from Whiteman AFB, USA, are now (exact time - 1434 Moscow time) in the geographic point of the North Pole and are flying under the program of an integrated event conducted today by the US Strategic Command, US Global Strike Command in close collaboration with USAF in the Arctic. Unfortunately, there is still no reliable data on whether two B-1B Lancer missile carriers, which had previously also taken off from the Andersen AFB airbase, about. Guam, and headed for Kamchatka, in the Arctic. If they nevertheless got there or, together with the B-52H and B-2A, the Lancers, now stationed in Alaska, were attracted to the event, then we can say with confidence that today the American Luftwaffe, for the first time in history, gathered in the Arctic with the most peaceful intentions all of its representatives of the number of missile-bombers in service: 4 B-52N, 2 B-2A and 2 B-1B "- “Telegram” channel “Operational line” reports about it.

There are no official comments on this matter from Russia, however, despite the fact that the American military and reconnaissance aircraft of the United States has significantly increased the number of flights near the Russian borders, the number of takeoffs of Russian Aerospace Forces fighters to intercept and escort potential intruders has not actually changed, which causes some concern, especially against the background of a significant complication in relations between Russia, NATO and the United States.

American bombers can strike with either free-falling bombs or subsonic cruise missiles. Therefore, their flights and approaches look, to put it mildly, unconvincing. Especially considering that the Russian Federation has an echeloned integrated air defense system, while the United States has no air defense system at all. Only radars and aircraft.

I don't understand why they need these demonstrations. Russia has nuclear missile weapons. This means that in the event of a war, the bases from which they take off will cease to exist a maximum of an hour after the start of hostilities. In any case, a bomber cannot be compared to a ballistic missile in terms of the speed of attack, it became clear to everyone back in the early 60s of the last century!

And never missed? All missiles hit DIRECT to Russia? AMAZING (remember Yugoslavia). Thank you for the FREE TRAINING of our VKS combat crews.

This is how they reveal the vulnerabilities of our air defense.