Unmanned boats of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the Russian ship "Sergei Kotov"

Recently, activity in the Black Sea region has noticeably increased, which is confirmed by the latest incident described by observers of the Telegram channel “Military Informant” and “Rabyr”. According to them, last night the Ukrainian command carried out another attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship Sergei Kotov, using unmanned boats. There has been no official information about the consequences of the strike yet, but the authors claim that all members of the ship’s crew survived.

This is not the first time that the Sergei Kotov has become a target for Ukrainian nationalists using kamikaze drones against the ship. Observers in their publications have repeatedly attached video materials demonstrating the moments of attacks on the ship. It is noted that in response to drone attacks, the ship’s crew fires, including from an AK-176MA 76,2 mm artillery mount, which sometimes leads to the destruction of the attacking drones.

Continued attempts to attack Russian naval forces in the Black Sea indicate that ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet pose a significant threat to the Kyiv command. Ukrainian officers systematically seek to strike at sea vessels, thus trying to reduce their combat effectiveness and limit the actions of the fleet in the region. In addition, the situation in the Crimean region is carefully monitored by British intelligence services with the help of reconnaissance aircraft, which indicates a high level of international attention to the situation in this strategically important region.


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