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Bloomberg: EU wants to transfer frozen Russian assets worth 200 billion euros to Ukraine

The European Union is mulling a plan to transfer profits from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, according to Bloomberg. Russia's total frozen assets in the EU are estimated at more than €200 billion, most of which are held by Belgium-based Euroclear. The frozen assets have already brought Europe about €3 billion in profit. The plan for transferring these funds to Ukraine is expected to be made public on December 12.

However, some EU countries, including France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg, have expressed concerns about the move. They believe that transferring profits from Russian assets to Ukraine may entail legal and financial risks in the future.

Belgium, in turn, announced on October 11 the creation of a separate fund to help Ukraine, to which it is planned to allocate €1,7 billion. These funds will be credited from tax revenues from interest on frozen Russian assets.


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