The plane crashed into the ground


Boeing 737 crashed into the ground on landing

The passenger airliner of the company «Shaheen Airlines» crashed its nose into the runway when landing.

The cause of the emergency situation was the failure of the front drainage of the chassis, at the time of contact of the aircraft with the ground. It is reported that none of the passengers of the aircraft was injured, but at the same time it is noted about the flight attendants who received minor injuries, not threatening their lives.

According to some reports, the breakdown of the front landing gear of the airliner Boeing 737 Was due to the fact that prematurely triggered the braking system of the aircraft, resulting in inertia forces were stronger than the maximum permissible load.

As a result of the incident, at the airport in Lahore, several flights were delayed from 20 to 35 minutes.

On the photo airbus a320